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Karlshamns Transport & Hantering AB
Östersjövägen 10

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Karlshamns Transport and Handling AB, provides
transport of oversized and heavy cargo, machinery
and boats.

Moving services for power boats and shoal draft
sailboats both short and long haul. Safe, dependable,
licensed and insured experience you can ride on!

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We have now orderd a new sideloader for containerhanderling
from Hammar Maskin AB.

The liftingcapacity is 33 ton and it can handle containers
from 20 to 45 feet. It can also handle two 20 feet containers
at the same time with a weight of 14 ton each.
This sideloader can also handle containers from other trucks
and railwaywaggons. This service will be awalible from tha
end of April 2008.

For more pictures look at  Containertransporter.